Tangled Up In Shoes

Friday, February 20, 2009

I've just seen a face, I can't forget the time or place where we have met.

i'm on a beatles thing today. rodeo princess?
i don't even know where I came up with this

my upside down tribute to roman holiday

bridemaid's dress - will be featured in an upcoming art show

ode to the 1920's

campbell's soup dress, i actually made it and have pictures that I should upload

something I just came up with.

These are some drawings that I've been doing, the really well colored ones are ones where I actually got some prismacolor markers from the art room. I need something better than little one inch colored pencils for my drawing.

I apologize that they're all sideways, I'm pretty technologically impaired, so I don't know how to flip them. Please don't sue me if your neck gets permanently stuck in an akward position.

leave your peace, brothers and sisters! -cailey anne

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ay, Ay, Ay!

For Today, I "borrowed" one of my mom's shirts that she got from mexico. I'm constantly sneaking into the Mexican Wardrobe. I'm actually sneaking into everyone is my family's wardrobe. It's gotten to the point where one of my close friends has told me "Cailey, you need your own clothes" haha. =]

happy end of ny fashion week.
leave your peace,

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy President's Week....

totally from january first.....
way to be punctual, CaileyPaper Origami Jewelry Thing I'm obsessing over!
Just got this kit for Valentine's Day and I made a million of them!

On President's Week Break thing now. It makes me incredibly happy.
Fashion Week = even more incredible happiness.
Feeling like a four-year-old at a candy shop.
Well, I'm even more happy than that. I think everyone should just start saying,
"I'm so happy I feel like Cailey at Fashion Week"

I apoligize for my incredible lack of taste.

Leave your peace loves,

Saturday, January 31, 2009


ugh. so if you couldn't tell, I'm a tad upset. let's start with reason no. one which has been bugging me for quite some time.
1. my lack of a camera cord to upload all my stylish photos
i'm pretty much the laughing stock of fashionable society because of this lame excuse. I swear, I'm not as lame as my photos make me appear. (I've been jumping on the iMacs at school) But, hopefully that will all be solved shortly. My friend is searching for her extra cord. PRAYING she finds it. (And I'm downloading a free 30 day trial of photoshop, so I'll be rocking... for 30 days)
2. The INSANE T by Alexander Wang Prices.......
so did anyone else see that the t's were supposed to be $20-80?? yeahhh... not what shopping has been telling me! Tanktops for $75???? Has the world gone mad!
now that I'm done ranting, I'm gonna go chill....
just watched war & peace last night, and had 6 hour musical rehearsal today.
sorry that there aren't any pics, not really in the mood for photos.
leave your peace, (and thanks for reading me letting off some major steam)
-your incredibly calm "cay"

Thursday, January 29, 2009

first post.

this is terribly exciting.
my first post on what's sure to become a hit.

wish me luck!